Heirloom Book 30x30cm
Heirloom Book 30x30cm

Heirloom Book 30x30cm

Heirloom book is the only non-layflat book in our product range and is specially designed to showcase individual images on each page. This allows each image to stand alone as a work of art and allows the viewer to consider each photograph without distraction. We print with a four-color digital press (CMYK) technology.

As this product has a printing "gutter" in the middle, there is no option of designing images across two facing pages as some portion of it will be lost in the middle.

Heirloom books are perfect for bright, light, pastel, de-saturated, lowered contrast, film or film-like photography.

This type of book is a bit different than artbooks/albums because it doesn't open flat and starts with a right-hand side page rather than a full spread. Please keep it in mind while designing your heirloom book. 

Price includes:

- 30x30 Heirloom Book

- Selected number of pages

- Cover in Natural Linen, Lux Linen or Premium Pastel Linen

The maximum number of pages is 176.

Price does not include:

- Presentation box

Ordering form for Heirloom Books is underway. In the meantime, you can order this product by adding it to cart and completing the purchase. We will contact you about the details.

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