DuoBooks 15cm

DuoBooks 15cm

(Price for two books)

DuoBooks are an add-on item to be ordered with a main AriaBook or ArtBook. These are simple clones of your main AriaBook/ArtBook printed on Fuji DPII paper and sold in sets of two. We've managed to use fragments from the main album production to make the price insanely good while keeping the top quality. This also cuts down on waste, helping to make our products even more eco-friendly.

    Specifications (UPDATED 12/20/19):
    - 6" size in height and matching length (6x6" clone to square parent book, 6x9" for 12x18", 8x12" parent etc.) - Lustre or Silk paper as in main Aria Book or Lustre Paper if parent book is an ArtBook
    - Page thickness as in main album (Slim/Regular/Thick)
    - Plain cover with matching fabric/ leather - no personalization
    - The price is set regardless of the number of spreads
    - Wrapped in kraft presentation paper. No box

    DuoBooks are available in 6" height and width will be proportional to the main album. You can order them both for square, horizontal and vertical books, all for the same price.

    Duobooks are not available as a standalone product, they must be ordered together as a clone of a main AriaBook or ArtBook.

    Please make sure that the amount of spreads in the duobook matches the main book.

    IMPORTANT: Please keep your designs clean and simple with white backgrounds preferably. The images need to be around 1” from the edge of the spread. While designing album avoid images with heavy use of deep blacks. Please keep images off the crease as with time the ink on the crease might be prone to cracking. We recommend that you avoid full bleed spreads.