Test Print pack
Test Print pack
Test Print pack

Test Print pack

Test prints are a fantastic way to work out your color management and monitor calibration, as well as to judge which paper types work best with your style of photography. You can submit up to 3 images to be printed on any combination of our available papers:


  • Fuji DPII Lustre (AriaBook, Classic Prints)
  • Fuji DPII Silk (AriaBook, Classic Prints)
  • Matte Paper (ArtBook, Fine Art Prints)
  • Cotton Rag Paper (ArtBook, Fine Art Prints)
  • Fuji Crystal Archive (BloomBook)
  • Digital Silk Paper (PrimaBook)
  • Digital Art Paper (Heirloom Book)


How to order?
  • All test prints are offered in one standard size of 6x9" (2:3 ratio).
  • Files that are not sized correctly will be auto-cropped.
  • Please submit files as JPG at least 1800x2700 / 2700x1800 pixels.
  • Upload up to 3 images and choose your preferred papers.

Check Your Order!
Any changes to your album or errors which affect album cost (like more files uploaded that the spread count) will require cancelling original order and placing a new one. Pretty please, double check information above as editing album from the cart is not possible!