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PrimaBook 30x30cm
PrimaBook 30x30cm
PrimaBook 30x30cm
PrimaBook 30x30cm

PrimaBook 30x30cm

PrimaBook is a lay-flat album designed to be an everyday solution for portrait photography, families, seniors, engagements, and boudoir photography.

You can personalize your PrimaBook with Standard Embossing or a Predesigned Stamp in gold.

PrimaBook characteristics:

  • Lay-flat pages
  • Professional grade longevity with print permanence rated at 80+ years

Price includes:

  • First 10 spreads (max 45 spreads / 90 pages)
  • Plain cover in multiple fabrics
  • Watercolor paper style end-papers

      Before you order:

      • Files should be at least 7200x3600px.

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