Wooden Print Box
Wooden Print Box
Wooden Print Box

Wooden Print Box

Beautiful, hand cut and assembled wooden box with side USB compartment.

Available in two finishes: natural and dark. 

Slide-in lid can be personalized with gold embossing!

Every box is totally unique - we use natural wood! 


Fits up to 180 4x6" Fuji DP2 Lustre Prints.

External Dimensions: 23 x 12,3 x 6cm 

Print compartment: 16 x 10,5 x 4,6cm

USB Compartment: 10,5 x 4 x 4,6cm 


USB shown in the pictures is an optional extra. Browse USB DRIVES.


Metric Conversion Chart

11.11.2020 - IMPORTANT UPDATE!!
Any changes to your album or errors which affect album cost (like more files uploaded that the spread count) will require cancelling original order and placing a new one. Pretty please, double check information above as editing album from the cart is not possible!